Youth in Agriculture: Entrepreneurship Training At Gomoa Senior High

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Youth in Agriculture: Entrepreneurship Training At Gomoa Senior High

Notwithstanding the low growth in certain sub-sectors of agriculture, value gaps still remain as market demand for agricultural commodities outstrip supply. In 2015, sector growth was revised down to 0.04% from 3.6% the prior year making agriculture the least in terms of contribution to GDP (19.9% compared to 28.4% for Industry and 50.2% for Services).
Given this stark reality, the Foundation’s theory of change is to contribute to the retention of youthful talent in rural areas where farming is primary occupation. This is the basis of our Youth in Agriculture Entrepreneurship Workshop, which would seek to provide information, tools and techniques for getting started in Agriculture. The project targets Senior High Schools in rural communities.
On 14.05.2016, Rural Heights Foundation would engage the students of Gomoa Senior High Technical School in Gomoa Darumpong for this purpose. The workshop would be facilitated by a retired farmer with acreage holdings in coconut.

The project would be in two parts:
Part 1. Seminar on how to start a business in commercial farming.
Part 2. This session would focus on skills development at the personal level and assume the 1-to-group format of interaction.

To volunteer for this project, kindly complete the volunteer form on our website. If already a Rural Heights Foundation volunteer, you may indicate your interest by sending an email to

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