WiRE Up and Let’s Change The World

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WiRE Up and Let’s Change The World

What is WiRE?

It’s a skills training and micro-funding support program designed for aged women in rural agriculture. The purpose is to enable workshop participants diversify their revenue streams as a risk management strategy to reduce dependence on farm output which is vulnerable to yield variations and market uncertainties.


What does the workshop entail?

  • Screening of business ideas submitted by 40 women with median age of 54.
  • Categorizing workshop participants according to (a) sector of business or business interest (b) life cycle of business (startup, early stage or matured)
  • Organizing the entire group as a self-help savings club and cooperative.
  • Running a skills training session on business best practices (marketing, book-keeping, financial management, etc.), with special focus on how to leverage on mobile technology for business growth.
  • We shall also be reviewing applications for a small grant to start/expand their micro businesses.


The workshop would take place in Gomoa Abaasa (Gomoa West district), Central Region.


The workshop and related activities are expected to cover 2 days (April 5-6).


DAY 1:

  • Conducting interviews and screening business ideas.
  • Organizing group into a cooperative and electing executives for account opening purposes.
  • Running skills training session on small business best practice.

DAY 2:

  • Market research in catchment area to validate key business proposals for round 1 funding.
  • Presentation of market research report to group and highlighting lessons learnt.
  • Escorting group executives to open bank account at Apam Rural Bank.



What role would volunteers play?

Volunteers/resource persons would drive the end-to-end-process from proposal screening to facilitating the training program.

What skills set must applicants/volunteers possess?

  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze small or micro business to advice on successful growth strategies.
  • Social skills: ability to communicate effectively in Twi or Fanti and to simplify business concepts to the understanding of “illiterates”. The capacity for empathy and working in a team setting is also essential.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills: ability to use a consultative approach to unearth problem drivers and recommend practical solutions for business growth.

Any additional Info?

  • Volunteers are free to return same day, nonetheless for those who choose to stay overnight; food, accommodation and free access to WiFi would be provided.
  • Volunteers refreshment (happy hour) will be held at Winneba beach to wind down after the entire project. Activities will include board games (scrabble, chess, Ludo, etc.), beach soccer and touring the fishing area.

How would this workshop benefit you?

  • Certificate of business leadership to be awarded to resource persons
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Free one-time participation in Rural Heights Foundation’s monthly mentorship diner with renowned business leaders and motivational speakers.

Who can volunteer?

Applicant must have the following qualification:

  • A minimum of first degree in any business subject (economics, accounting, banking, finance, marketing, etc.)
  • HND or DBS holder
  • Professional certificate holder e.g. ACCA, CA, ACIB, CIM, etc.
  • Diploma
  • WASSCE Certificate

Note: training on small business review and analysis would be provided.

How do I apply?

Kindly complete the volunteers form on our website. Go to volunteer’s page and click on popup window. Please ignore if you have done this in the past. Only send an email to pamela.vanderbilt@ruralheights.org indicating your interest.

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