Join a community of change agents on this fun-filled learning experience

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Join a community of change agents on this fun-filled learning experience

As a Foundation our project activities offer unique opportunities for developing leadership and communication skills.

Its is our pleasure to invite you on yet another field activity in Gomoa Abaasa in the Central Region.


Project Background & Description

This is a Monitoring and Evaluation visit regarding our Aged Women in Agriculture (AWA) project. Under AWA, Rural Heights Foundation has approved and disbursed 0% interest loans to some selected women in Gomoa. The purpose of the loan is to help invest in alternative income streams or to expand their current inventory.

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The goal of this M&E visit is:

  1. Collect data on business performance so far and assess it against predefined benchmarks.
  2. Provide tailored advice on how to grow their revenue, keep proper records and save consistently using mobile money.


Who can volunteer?

Anyone. The only qualification is interest, passion and a desire to explore village life. Training on business model diagnostics and consultative advisory will be provided before D-Day.


What work will volunteers do?

  1. Visit each client at their shop or market place to interact and collect data.
  2. Input data on real-time basis using an mTech tool or paper-based questionnaire.
  3. Record interaction between with client using audio-visual tool.
  4. Provide needs-based business advice that is responsive to the problems identified.
  5. Submit report for data instrument for collation.


What arrangements have been made for volunteers?

Volunteers will be accommodated in a community guest house that has descent facilities. Additional arrangements includes 3-square meals, free phone credits (all networks) and access to Wi-Fi for internet use.


When is the project due?

Wed. October 4 – Thurs. October 5


Day 1 October 4, 2017

2.00pm – 5.00pm GMT

Day 2 October 5, 2017

9.00am – 4.30pm


How do I sign up?

If you have completed our volunteer forms in the past, all that is required is to indicate your interest by sending a message via WhatsApp to +233-264079803 (No calls. Just text). If you have not submitted your details to us before, kind complete the volunteer form and we will get back to you.


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