Volunteer, Learn farming, visit tour sites

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Volunteer, Learn farming, visit tour sites

Between 4th and 18th February 2017, anyone that chooses to volunteer with Rural heights Foundation on our iServe Rural project will never be the same again. Total transformation is guaranteed.

What is iServe Rural?

For a minimum of fourteen calendar days, a group of self-less volunteers that will be competitively selected, will take residence in Gomoa Abaasa in the Gomoa West district to provide free tuition to the 2017 class of B.E.C.E candidates within three schools; Darumpong Catholic Primary & J.H.S, W.O.P Methodist A in Pinanko and Methodist Primary in Abaasa.


Why is this important?

Gomoa West district, which has an estimated number of 29,967 persons living under the poverty line (GH¢1,314), is ranked 74th poorest among 216 districts in Ghana, according the 2015 Ghana Poverty Map. Incidentally, the district has some major performance challenges in education. For instance, between 2011 and 2014 the average B.E.C.E pass rate was 31.74%. The district ranked last in 2015 and 208th in 2016 on the District league Table which aggregates district performance in six areas including education (B.E.C.E passes). Research has proven that poverty is linked to education. Helping our poor younger brothers and sisters who cannot afford extra classes, is a demonstration of our commitment to poverty eradication and protection of human dignity.


Which knowledge areas/background are required for teacher volunteers?

Persons with the following knowledge and backgrounds are required:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Social Studies
  4. Integrated Science


Are there any volunteering options besides teaching?


  1. One volunteer, with ICT proficiency is required for assignment to the local health facility (CHPS Compound) in Gomoa Osedze to provide training and support with office facilities, including data capturing and reporting.
  2. A laboratory technician/assistant is also needed for assignment to same health facility.
  3. There are also volunteering opportunities with Marvelous light Crusade Ministries who require Christian volunteers to complement their village evangelism team.


What Are the benefits for the volunteer?

  1. Two days within each week are dedicated for farm internship where volunteers will be assigned to commercial and smallholder farmers to learn practical farm techniques in managing agricultural supply chains.
  2. The new administration’s policy of siting one factory in every district within the context of high youth unemployment means greater attention to youth in agriculture. So this may especially be a strategic advantage for persons interested in pursuing entrepreneurship in agribusiness.
  3. At the end of the project period, volunteers will receive certificate leadership signed by the member of parliament of the area and the Executive Director of Rural heights Foundation, in addition to a letter of commendation from the head pastor Marvelous Light Crusade Ministries in Gomoa Abaasa, Rev. Kenneth Arhin.


What else is exciting about this project?

On 11th and 18th of February there will be a tourist visit to Apam beach and Winneba beach respectively for leisure purposes.


What about food and accommodation?

Volunteers will have three good meals per day. Decent shelter is also assured. Tap water available. Free laundry service will be provided.


Who can volunteer?

This is open to all volunteers regardless of nationality, ethnicity and creed.


How do I sign up for this project?

Send message to WhatsApp number 0264079803 indicating your interest or email pamela.vanderbilt@ruralheights.org

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