The Gomoa Teaching Project – A Call for Volunteers

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The Gomoa Teaching Project – A Call for Volunteers

What is the Gomoa Teaching Project?

Rural Heights Foundation is scheduled to embark on a teaching project at W.O.P. Methodist A in Gomoa Pinanko in the Central Region on January 15, 2016. The project is designed to provide engagement on two levels:

  1. A core team of facilitators will engage the teachers in a group discussion on teaching methods and approach, after reviewing a video on international best practice in teaching and child development. The main area of focus would be skills such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, community volunteering and leadership by example. Following this session, a pre-post assessment model would be used to test learning outcomes.
  2. Other Volunteers will engage the students, from primary to J.H.S. on non-technical subjects such as; decision-making, career choices, managing social relationships, opportunities in rural economy etc. Technical subjects based on Ghana Education Service (G.E.S.) curricula are reserved for persons who desire to volunteer for a period of 1 week or more. This is to ensure consistency and sufficient time for emphasis.


Why Volunteer on this project?

  1. As a Foundation with interest in policy advocacy, we deem rural empowerment at all levels a key to stop the rural-urban migration, which negatively impacts agriculture and ultimately, the Ghanaian economy. Teaching subjects like decision-making, volunteering and entrepreneurship to young people, we believe would achieve immediate positive outcomes in two key sectors; education and agriculture. When you volunteer you become a part of this valuable project.
  2. Secondly, the teaching field offers unparalleled opportunities to learn what motivates people and the value system that drive their decision-making processes.  This unique insight may open a window for self-assessment and own career choices. It’s also a platform for building long-lasting cross-cultural friendships and relationships.
  3. Finally, because we make fetish the importance of measuring impact, it serves as a feedback tool for the volunteer’s own work in terms of methods and effectiveness. It helps you grow as a social impact actor.


Additional Info

  1. Interested persons should call Daniel on 0245613007 or send email to
  2. Transportation to and from Gomoa Pinanko will be taken care of by Rural Heights Foundation.
  3. Lunch will be provided by Rural Heights Foundation. Volunteers are advised to pack snacks for breakfast as set off time from Accra will be 6.00am GMT.
  4. Project is expected to last 3 hours (10.00am-1.00pm) GMT.
  5. Volunteers must be 18 years+.
  6. No prior teaching experience is required. Basic training would be provided.
  7. If interested but not available for January 2016 project, volunteering opportunities still exist as project continues in different schools for every month of 2016. Kindly visit and complete the volunteer pop-up form.
  8. To support our 2016 Rural Education Support program, you may reach the Executive Director by email or phone 0505767865.

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