The Dream Weavers: Meet Jade Beli-Letsa – Founder & CEO of Joedges Brands

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The Dream Weavers: Meet Jade Beli-Letsa – Founder & CEO of Joedges Brands

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Rural Heights Foundation has been blessed to benefit from the unique management talent of Jade Beli-Letsa. As a chartered management accountant, Jade has provided insightful advice to the management team of Rural Heights Foundation on matters related to corporate governance and compliance. In her role as a Management Board Advisor (MBA), Jade has been influential in driving strategy.

Jade has worked with brands such as  J. Nelson & Co, Othniel Daniels & Associates (Accounting Firms), Specific Media (digital) and Laptop Outlet Co. Ltd, all in the U.K. In Ghana she worked with Deloitte & Touche and PHC Motors Ltd.

Her rich work experience has sharpened tremendously her business acumen as an entrepreneur within the ecommerce space. Part of her vision is create value for her customers and clients by providing that extra confidence they need for success. Joedges Brands deals in top of range luxury products from clothing and accessories to shoes and perfumes targeted at various customer segments. The products, which are competitively priced, come with delivery arrangements guaranteed to satisfy the customer. As an e-commerce site, online payment options are flexible and secured for all card types and payment service platforms.

As founder & CEO of Joedges Brands, Jade provides that leadership edge to drive the company’s business model in order to serve customers and achieve success.

Rural Heights Foundation is excited to be associated with Jade Beli-Letsa and recommends Joedges Brands as the preferable e-commerce site for all quality fashion brands. Please visit Joedges Brands on Facebook to like their page and their website

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Contact Joedges Brands:

Phone Call +44 126 – 842 – 6494

Whatsapp +44 7470807052


Dream Weaver is a special designation given by Rural Heights Foundation to entrepreneurs who share our passion for social change through direct action, volunteering or any other form of meaningful engagement. Through their contributions and insights these social actors weave a mesh of useful opportunities that promote social inclusion and economic justice for all.


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