The Dream Weavers: Meet Hasia Ahmed of PShea Butter Fame

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The Dream Weavers: Meet Hasia Ahmed of PShea Butter Fame

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The story of how Hasia got involved with Rural Heights Foundation is an interesting one. While en route from the project field, the Executive Director of Rural Heights Foundation had the good fortune of sharing a seat with Hasia on a public transport bound for Accra. As conversation ensued, it vacillated from occupational engagement to public policy to health care delivery, and finally settled on volunteering. The rest is history.

With her passion and unique perspectives, Hasia brings to Rural Heights Foundation a very important diversity. Due to the fact the all Rural Heights Foundation staff and associates have Christian religious backgrounds, Hasia’s Muslim faith helps to reinforce our message that social change is and must always be, a concerted effort of like-minded persons in pursuit of social justice regardless of religion, ethnicity or class.

Above all, what we are most excited about, is Hasia’s flare for entrepreneurship. Trained as a clinical laboratory technician, Hasia has currently joined the shining constellation of young stars, who are committed to being the change that Ghana needs. Just recently, Hasia resigned from her regular job to open a clinical laboratory at Ejumako in the Central Region in response to a market gap within the local health supply chain and to ultimately serve the health needs of the population within that catchment area.

She is also the founder of a start-up enterprise in the body cosmetics space called The Paradise, with an exclusive product brand – PShea Butter. PShea Butter is a 100% organic shea butter with value propositions of addressing hair growth challenges, skin moisture, and hair breakage. Over time, the product has gained awareness among natural hair salon owners and operators due to its originality, organicity and affordability.

With recent market shift in female taste for natural hair, PShea Butter is positioned to explore that niche in order to grow the business’ balance sheet.

Hasia has become a regular volunteer with Rural Heights Foundation especially on our Gomoa Education Projects (GEP). Her areas of interest are career counselling, personal grooming and entrepreneurship. Her contribution to mentorship and coaching of girls in Apam Senior High School has been immense.

Rural Heights Foundation is proud to be associated with Hasia Ahmed. We wish her well on her entrepreneurial journey.

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For orders or further info on PShea Butter, call 0245751535.






Dream Weaver is a special designation given by Rural Heights Foundation to entrepreneurs who share our passion for social change through direct action, volunteering or any other form of meaningful engagement. Through their contributions and insights these social actors weave a mesh of useful opportunities that promote social inclusion and economic justice for all.

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