The Dream Weavers: Meet Daniel Arthur of CW Arthurs

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The Dream Weavers: Meet Daniel Arthur of CW Arthurs

Category : Global Citizenship

Daniel is the Community Engagement Manager at Rural Heights Foundation. A philanthropist by heart, he enjoys spending his time and money to create opportunities for the socially disadvantaged in the rural areas. His contribution to the success of Rural Heights Foundation so far has been immense.

Daniel is also the founder and director of CW Arthurs, a duly registered business enterprise that focus on agricultural produce supplies. CW Arthurs is also noted for its supply of pure unadulterated honey, sourced straight from the farm, from the deep hinterlands of Central Region. As an adherent of fair trade practices Daniel ensures that farmers are adequately and fairly compensated for their output.

Rural Heights Foundation is proud to be associated with Daniel Arthur, and does recommend that you consider purchasing your choice honey from CW Arthurs to improve your diet mix and to also help grow local business.


For orders or further information, please call 0245613007.

Dream Weaver is a special designation given by Rural Heights Foundation to entrepreneurs who share our passion for social change through direct action, volunteering or any other form of meaningful engagement. Through their contributions and insights these social actors weave a mesh of useful opportunities that promote social inclusion and economic justice for all.

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