The 80/20 Corporate Seminar: A Call To Work-Life Balance

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The 80/20 Corporate Seminar: A Call To Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance has become such a critical issue for business sustainability across global markets. The evolving trend is that most brands in competitive markets are beginning to realize the impact of employee well-being on performance outcomes and engagement. The concept of Work=Life balance addresses the mechanics of prioritizing one’s time and commitments between work activities and personal lifestyle; community involvement, spiritual development and social/emotional well-being, to name a few. The value proposition to recruit unique talent now, is to offer attractive work-life benefits such as telecommuting, flexible work hours and child nursery services, among many. Sadly however, this trend is yet to become mainstream practice in the typical Ghanaian workplace. Having interacted with bankers, miners and brewers, inter alia, there seem to be a frightening trend of data that suggests poor work-life balance in many workplaces that untowardly affect corporate performance and individual well-being. People are having to work longer and harder, competing for an increasingly decreasing customer wallet due to weakening disposal income. With a global economic growth projections for 2016 revised by World Bank to 2.9% from 3.3% in June 2015, competitiveness in global markets across sectors is set to intensify. Obviously this has implication for corporate sector goal-setting and productivity management. Ultimately, this would mean more stress, troubled marriages and health challenges due to soaring levels of anxiety and job insecurity.

It is within this context that Rural Heights Foundation initiated its 80/20 Corporate Seminar to bring greater awareness within the stress management space and to advocate for better organizational support for employees through innovative approaches which would help create incentives for better work-life balance. Our core value proposition as far as this Seminar is concerned is captured in the tagline, “80% of your work output will result from a 20-minute participation in our work-life seminar.”

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On 19.02.2016 at 7.40 am GMT, the Seminar train stopped at CAL Bank Osu Branch, where about 12 staff members were taken through a short seminar on how to avoid the pitfalls of work-life pressures. This happens to be the third financial service business unit in February that have benefitted from Rural Heights Foundation’s 80/20 Corporate Seminar. CAL Bank Derby Avenue branch and Bond Savings & Loans, Adabraka branch are the other two Seminar participants since February 2016. Our 80/20 Corporate Seminar is FREE. It forms part of Rural Heights Foundation’s advocacy work in the area of well-being. It is also integrated into our teacher capacity building workshops in the rural areas where most of the Foundation’s intervention is situated. To request for this Seminar, you may send an email to

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