StandUP: A New Motivational Segment With Nkunimdini on Xpress Breakfast Show

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StandUP: A New Motivational Segment With Nkunimdini on Xpress Breakfast Show

StandUP is a new motivational and informative segment on XliveAfrica’s #XpressBFS hosted by the positively defiant Christopher Kwabena Agbekudzi. The segment focuses on addressing key questions that affect a demographic segment of Africa’s population – the hip-poppy, happy-go-lucky and tech-savvy young adults (13-35yrs) that often find themselves susceptible to poor decisions in matters related to relationships, chemical substance abuse, unemployment, social media and the like.

According to Ghana Living Standards Survey Round 6, Ghana has an age distribution of 12.4% of male population in the age bracket 15-29years. The data for female segment within same age bracket is 13.9%. In terms of employment, the report indicates that 8.6 million persons between 15-44yrs are employed, with 4.52% females and 4.14 males making up that statistic. Irrespective of sex, the population in rural areas are more likely to be employed (81.7%) than those in urban areas (69.9%). On the other hand, the population in the urban area are more likely than rural dwellers to be unemployed and economically not active, according to the report. The stark economic and social trends suggested by the report, beg many questions that require deep and interactive conversations with the youth to unearth causal drivers and to generate momentum for collective action by these vulnerable segment of our population, particular in urban centres across African capitals.

It is these and other issues that this timely motivational segment, StandUp, with Nkunimdini Asante-Antwi, a social entrepreneur, policy advocate and founder of Rural Heights Foundation, seeks to address through a 20 minutes window on XpressBreakfast Show, every Wednesday on XliveAfrica, with Christopher Kwabena Agbekudzi.

XliveAfrica is a fast-growing player in the digital media space with operations across several African countries. The brand was adjudged by Cliq Africa as the second runner-up (Joy 99.FM and Citi 97.3 FM; 1st & 2nd respectively), in terms of audience engagement and reach on Social Media.


Being a full-fledge digital platform, XliveAfrica has configured its business model to take advantage of the increasingly popular wave of digital technology. In terms of content, their strategy is to approach the market by segmenting on the basis of lifestyle and age as key demographic variables. A cursory review of program portfolio on XliveAfrica clearly suggests special attention towards the youthful segment, with #XpressBFS leading the charge with relevant conversation about matters of interest to the youth. With its global reach and original African content, XliveAfrica offers a value proposition to corporate brands that operate or wish to scale internationally to create more value for their stockholders through increased turnover and cashflow.

Join Christopher Kwabena Agbekudzi on XliveAfrica, #XpressBFS everyday 6.30am to 10.00am, and join Chris with Nkunimdini on StandUP every Wednesday 7.40am-8.00am.

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