Six Questions for Every Social Impact Actor

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Six Questions for Every Social Impact Actor

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Dear Change Agent,

  1. Do you share Rural Heights Foundation’s passion for social impact and volunteerism?
  2. Are you well versed in contemporary issues regarding impact investing, social entrepreneurship or nonprofit management?
  3. Do you have an experience to share from managing or being involved in the nonprofit space?
  4. Are you familiar with quantitative and/or qualitative techniques for measuring social impact outcomes?
  5. Do you want to show-case your CSR projects to the donor market?
  6. Are you gifted in the art of writing short articles, policy briefs or advocacy papers?

Here is your chance to reach very influential readers, such as; CSR directors, Corporate Affairs professionals and donor grant managers, through Rural Heights Foundation’s newsletter, Social Impact  Africa (SIA). One chance. One newsletter. Over 3000+ email circulation list and growing, including the most influential actors in the donor grant and impact capital space.

Don’t stay in the dark. You have sacrificed enormously to create social change. Inspire others with your story and connect with those that might push you further.

Submit your articles, briefs or impact reports to for monthly publication. It’s all FREE!

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