Rural Heights Participates in Social Impact Week by iSpace Foundation

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Rural Heights Participates in Social Impact Week by iSpace Foundation

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With a week long packed with useful content; the young, enterprising and multi-cultural team at iSpace Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating collaborative space and value opportunities for start-ups, exceeded stakeholder expectations with their maiden Social Impact Week (SIW) 2016. The event commenced in earnest on 25.01.2016 and ended on 29.01.2016 with an open market and happy hour session for participants. On Tuesday 26.01.2016, the Executive Director of Rural Heights joined a group of discussants in a Round-Table session where presentations from successful actors within the social space focused on how to access finance for Social Impact projects. Unique and rich insights were shared by resource persons such as Co-founder of Zee Pay Mobile Application platform Andrew Takyi – Appiah.
in Ghana, social entrepreneurship as a proposition is still nascent in terms of popular recognition and acceptance a tool for social re-engineering and public policy support. The lack of clarity around the concept leave many would-be entrepreneurs confused about the difference between purely nonprofit (charity) activities on the one hand, and value propositions that are guided by sustainable business models with potential for scale and Impact Investor participation, on the other hand . What iSpace Foundation has succeeded in accomplishing with its maiden Social Impact Week (SIW) 2016 was to bring greater clarity to that subtle distinction. In order for social entrepreneurs to raise funding successfully, clarity around business model configuration, specifically the product-market fit and its unit economics, is central to any effort in gaining investor interest and attention. In other words, financial viability and measurable social outcomes of any impact project must not be mutually exclusive, if the social entrepreneur would see success in the market place.
Rural Heights Foundation wishes to congratulate to iSpace Foundation for a successful event. We (Rural Heights Foundation) would continue to explore innovative tech options for optimizing our nonprofit interventions in rural Ghana. Currently, we are exploring how we can deploy mobile content to crowd-fund for a project in Gomoa Pinanko and Ampia-Ajumako that would enable the Foundation provide micro grants to 50 women to diversify their income sources away from dependence on subsistence agriculture.

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