Rural Heights Foundation Contributes to Civic Engagement

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Rural Heights Foundation Contributes to Civic Engagement

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Part of Rural Heights Foundation’s project activities in 2016 is an engagement of primary and Junior High School students within the Gomoa West District in a module called Civic Engagement.  The approach, per this module is to recruit the assistance of local government officials such as Assemblymen, Presiding or Unit Committee members to engage the students on local governance realities and how they can participate in decision-making at the local levels. In pursuance of this, Rural Heights Foundation has sought the assistance of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to provide literature and training to further enhance expected outcomes. We at the Foundation are extremely delighted at such an opportunity to positively influence the younger generation and to inspire their sense of patriotism.

Our Gomoa Education project is a year long project with three modules; financial literacy, social entrepreneurship and civic engagement. To volunteer you may send an email to or call Daniel on 0245613007.

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