Rural Heights Foundation Conducts Seminar for CAL Bank- Knutsford Branch

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Rural Heights Foundation Conducts Seminar for CAL Bank- Knutsford Branch

Research has proven that having a better work/life balance actually enhances productivity and improves performance outcomes at work. In an increasingly challenging business environment such as Ghana’s, many organisations, both for-profit and nonprofit, are having to retool their business model in order to retain market share or create niche markets where enduring competitive advantage becomes the only guarantee of success. Profit-making organisations are ruthlessly slashing cost such as; labor, advertisements, training and other discretionary spends, just to stay competitive. Nonprofits are also having to compete intensely in the grant market space due to a shrinking of the pie. Essentially, organisations are demanding more from their employees whiles giving them less tools to achieve desired outcomes. The result has been stress, stress and more stress; which has created disequilibrium in the work/life balance. In recognition of this evolving narrative, Rural Heights Foundation has embarked on an initiative to create awareness in the corporate sector through advocacy.

Work/Life balance has a great deal to do with how one manages time, task and relationships in a mutually supportive way, in order to achieve well-being, clarity of thought and emotional stability. Maintaining healthy social relationships provides outlet for constructive expression of toxic emotions that may arise due to stress from work or from home. Difficult marital relationships, delinquent children and fiscal pressure may contribute to stress from the home front, while difficult manager/employee relations or frustration with job content can aggravate stress. Our key focus, as far as this Seminar is concerned is to share relevant information on how to reduce homefront pressures that may emanate from poor performance of one’s children in school or on the playground. The information we share in this seminar, we believe, would lay a solid foundation for the social/emotional and cognitive development of the child. The idea for this seminar originated from Rural Heights intervention activities in rural Ghana, where a significant percentage of pupils (about 70%) fail B.E.C.E for various reasons. Stakeholder consultations by a team from the Foundation, showed that the suboptimal cognitive performance and poor social competence are possible effects of weak foundations due to deprivation, inadequate parental attention and lack of a supportive multi-disciplinary learning environment.

On 04.05.2016, the Executive Director of Rural Heights, Mr. Nkunimdini Asante-Antwi, led a team to facilitate a Work/Life Balance seminar for the staff of CAL Bank Limited, Knutsford branch in Accra, Ghana. As a caviar to the seminar, the facilitator challenged the branch to use non-traditional and innovative approaches to mobilize more deposits so as to book more assets in order to earn more interest income as market for fee income is dwindling due to competition from non-bank actors.

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The Work/Life Balance seminar train will continue with CAL Bank, Osu branch and Bond Financial Services, Adabraka branch as the next stop in February 2016. The seminar is FREE as it offers Rural Heights Foundation the opportunity to create awareness about projects in the rural areas such as Gomoa West, Ampia-Ejumako and Gomoa East in the Central Region of Ghana. Each session (seminar) last between 20 to 30 minutes and are held during team meetings so as not to disrupt business schedules. To request for this seminar, contact Rural Heights Foundation by sending an email to or call 0505767865 to discuss timeliness.

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