STEM Goes to Gomoa

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STEM Goes to Gomoa

The increasing global emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics is a recognition of the challenges that globalization faces as questions related to climate change, food security and wealth inequality comes to the fore of global policy agenda. According to the World Economic Forum, current and future global challenges require social and emotional competencies such as creativity, collaboration and communication, to solve. Such competencies are grounded on foundational literacies; ICT literacy, numeracy, financial literacy, among others.

This broad view of education is the driving force behind Rural Heights Foundation’s iServe Rural Program, the first of which was held on 6-12 February 2017.  The 2017 project, which saw 4 graduate volunteers committing over 120 credit hours, aggregately –  involved intensive tutorials on the four (4) B.E.C.E subjects; Science, ICT, English and Mathematics. These subjects are essential for creating a competitive workforce in the long-term; a vision to which Rural Heights Foundation is very much committed.

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With 22.6% of the population in Gomoa West living under the poverty line (GH 1,314 per annum), such interventions tend to have tremendous impact since most B.E.C.E candidates in poor rural areas lack the financial wherewithal to purchase or even run photocopies of past questions to help prep for final examination.

Both students and teachers alike expressed profound gratitude and satisfaction with the program and entreated Rural Heights Foundation to scale up same to cover other deprived schools in the Gomoa West district of Ghana.





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