RHF Collaborates with B&FT Newspaper on CSR Project

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RHF Collaborates with B&FT Newspaper on CSR Project

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According to official reports by the Ghana Education Service, the year 2011 saw one of the most abysmal performance in Ghana’s B.E.C.E examination. 70.9% of candidates who sat for B.E.C.E in Sisala West failed the exams. 13 schools in Agona West during the same period recorded 0% pass. There are also reports attributed to Prof. Yankah of Central University College, that by year-end 2015 71,000 would be added to the already about 200,000 unemployed graduates currently in the system. This is the dire context that provided a basis for engagement with Accra-High Senior High School students during a presentation made by Executive Director of Rural Heights Foundation, Mr. Nkunimdini Asante-Antwi, at this year’s Business & Financial Times Corporate Social Responsibility drive on November 18th 2015. Mr. Asante-Antwi, speaking on financial literacy, inspired the students to begin a deep and personal conversation about self-reliance as far as employment and value-creation is concerned. He spoke on the topic of entrepreneurship. He also encouraged the students to eschew the typical Ghanaian sense of entitlement that causes many to be dependent on others; the government, donors, “rich uncles” and whatnot. “Only a keen sense of personal responsibility coupled with diligence and consistency, provides a guarantee for success” he said.

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