Owiredua Rural Scholarship Grant

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Owiredua Rural Scholarship Grant

Rural Heights Foundation has introduced an educational scholarship scheme named Owiredua Rural Scholarship Grant Scheme (ORSGS) to cater for the bright but needy pupils in the rural zones where the Foundation engages in its intervention programs. The scope covers primary level to Junior High students and the grants includes tuition and learning materials. Efua Arhin, an indigene of Gomoa Pinanko was the first to benefit the Foundation’s ORSG scheme in October 2015, to the tune of GH500 that covered her first term tuition and study materials at Swedru Business College. Efua was discovered during a baseline survey trip conducted within the Central Region by Rural Heights Foundation to ascertain the socio-economic needs of the area where the Foundation had planned to intervene in 2016-2017. The decision to support Efua was driven by good performance record and a keen desire to succeed through education. The Foundation wishes Efua well on her journey to become a journalist.

For more information on Owiredua Rural Scholarship Grants Scheme, send an email info@ruralheights.org


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