Obaapa Rising: It’s time to stand up for our girls in the rural areas

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Obaapa Rising: It’s time to stand up for our girls in the rural areas

What is Obaapa Rising?

Obaapa Rising project is a rural-based intervention designed to provide financial aid to girls who have completed Junior or Senior High School but unable to progress due to constraints. The goal is to enable them pursue skills-based training aimed at improving their odds in terms of employment.


Why is it Important?

Although school enrolment for girls in Ghana has improved over the years, general adult literacy is still skewed against women. Nationally, 46.9% of females (as against 67.3% males) are able to read and write in English. The situation is worse in the rural areas where only 31.4% females (as against 53% males) are literate. This compares unfavorably with their urban counterparts where female literacy is 60.3% as against 80.9% for males (Source: GLSS 6, p. 17).

The impact is limited economic opportunities for girls in general but particularly for girls in the rural areas where poverty is rife. The adverse social outcome is unplanned pregnancy, rural-urban migration and a host of other issues.

One solution is to provide vocational/technical training for girls in poor rural communities in order to empower them with skillsets that may lead to self-employment and financial security. This is exactly what Rural Heights Foundation seeks to achieve with Obaapa Rising project.


How Can You Support?

There are two ways in which you can help:

  1. You may support with a one-off financial commitment (any amount) paid directly to beneficiaries.
  2. You may elect to underwrite beneficiary’s training cost, in full or partially as may be suitable.


Obaapa Rising Grant beneficiaries for 2017; meet Ernestina, Doris, Diana, Vivian and Millicent.

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