‘Future Leaders Dialogue’ at Darumpong Catholic Primary

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‘Future Leaders Dialogue’ at Darumpong Catholic Primary

Gomoa West, one of the 19 districts in the Central Region of Ghana has seen some of the worst educational performance at the Basic and Junior High level. According to an annual report (District League Table) by UNICEF and Centre for Democratic Development, the district placed last, among 216 districts nationwide on a weighted performance index that aggregate data from various sectors; health, education, sanitation, etc. One nonprofit organisation, Rural Heights Foundation, has decided to do something about. By engaging the teaching staff, school by school, essential information for policy discussions are unearthed and interventions are also shaped by it. Our projects also incorporate coaching sessions and experiential learning interactions with Kindergarten children. This is one such project.

Darumpong Catholic Primary School Project 20.05.16


In an interactive forum dubbed “The Future leaders Dialogue Series” with the teaching staff of Gomoa Darumpong, the latter raised critical issues of policy and administrative importance that may be contributing to the poor B.E.C.E performance in districts such as Gomoa West. Armed with basic info on what may be responsible for poor performance, the stated goals of The Future leaders Dialogue with the teachers of Darumpong Catholic Primary was to explore in depth, root causes. Consensus seemed to have crystallized around the Ghana Education Service’s exoglossic policy that has recently attempted to find a balance by introducing the 70:30 language policy. 70% of instruction must be carried through the medium of English as first language while 30% is done through local vernacular. Feedback from some teaching staff suggests that more emphasis needs to be put on the local vernacular as main medium, effectively transforming the policy to be endoglossic.

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