Entrepreneurship In Agriculture – Workshop At GSTS

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Entrepreneurship In Agriculture – Workshop At GSTS

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On 25.06.16, Rural Heights Foundation will yet organize another entrepreneurship workshop for the students of Gomoa Senior High Technical School in Gomoa Darumpong. The free entrepreneurship workshop series is an integral part of the Rural Heights Foundation’s strategy of improving quality at the second cycle educational level by exposing students to issues of business model and supply chain configuration. The first workshop in 2016 was held in Apam Senior High on February 13, where the entrepreneurship club was engaged in business model generation and career planning sessions.


Why this Workshop?

According to a report by Forum for Education Reform (view copy of report), school enrolment figures for various demographics narrows as education progresses from the lower levels (Primary and J.H.S) to higher levels (S.H.S to Tertiary). For example, data for 2011/2012 shows a 96.5% enrolment for Primary Schools, 80.6% for J.H.S and 37.1% for Senior High School system. The picture is even more severe at the tertiary level where a whopping 78% of S.H.S graduates are unable to access tertiary education for one reason or the other. Given that there is no clear and coherent public policy to deal with such “drop-offs”, a private non-governmental effort to help boost chances of self-employment has become imperative.


How Will This Workshop Benefit You?

Currently, agriculture’s contribution to GDP has fallen from 29.8% in 2010 to 28.3% in 2015 (data source: Ghana Statistical Service). Growth has stagnated at 4% year-on-year in Q4 2015 according to revised data from Ghana Statistical Service. In 2014 Ghana spent USD1.5b on importation of food items drawn from almost all the agric. sub-sectors; crops, livestock and fisheries. This market gap has implications for business opportunities in agriculture. To be a successful entrepreneur in agriculture however, it is important to know which sub-sector holds greater returns on investment at lower risks. Proper management of risks is dependent on good advice in matters regarding start-up costs, land tenure negotiations, how to manage market risks, yield variations and commercial acreage operations. This workshop would provide you with all these insights and the tools/techniques to manage risks in the agriculture value chain.


Who Must Attend?

This workshop is primarily for the students of Gomoa Senior High Technical School and all persons who are interested in venturing into agriculture – whether crop farming, livestock or aquaculture. The workshop is free for all. If you are a non-student but interested please send an email to info@ruralheights.org.


Facilitator’s Profile

Opanyin Nana Kwaku Dua is currently a trader in agricultural supplies at Gomoa Pinanko. He deals primarily in farm chemicals, farm management gadgets and equipments. Before retirement from public service, he worked with the Gomoa district of Ministry of Food and Agriculture for 32 years as an agric. extension officer responsible for the Gomoa area. Under the previous administration he was part of the Gomoa district team that led in the execution of policy reforms to ensure aggregation of arable lands to help streamline fiscal support for farmers. He also taught Horticulture as a subject at Gomoa Senior High School for 5 years. Currently, he consults on part-time basis for smallholder farmer groups, NGOs and local rural banks with portfolio assets in the agriculture space.


Do Wish To Volunteer?

There are limited vacancies for volunteers. If you wish to participate in this project as a volunteer, kindly fill out our volunteer forms (visit Volunteers page) if you haven’t done so already. If you have submitted your forms in the past, kind send email to info@ruralheights.org indicating your interest.


What Role Would Volunteers Play?

The program will have two main segments – plenary (seminar) session and break-out session.

The break out session would have 3 main groups:

  1. The Pathfinders Group – for would-be entrepreneurs and business owners.
  2. The Professional’s Group – for those who wish to pursue excellence in their respective professional fields.
  3. The Protégés Group – an open group for those who wish to ask general questions or seek advice on some personal matters such as relationships, family, faith, etc.

Volunteers will facilitate break-out sessions. Volunteer selection for Pathfinders group is strictly limited to only those with real entrepreneurial experience. We encourage those who have started a business, have formally registered same with Registrar General Department and have at least 3 customers with some revenues, to volunteer and share their experience.

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