Adapting Pedagogy to New Imperatives – The Gomoa Edu Project

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Adapting Pedagogy to New Imperatives – The Gomoa Edu Project

On Friday January 15th 2016, Staff and volunteers from Rural Heights Foundation visited W.O.P Methodist “A” Primary and JHS in Gomoa Pinanko to facilitate a capacity-building workshop, using simple video-sharing technology with the goal to improve pedagogical approaches. The ultimate goal of the project is to help retain young talent in the rural areas to support agriculture and the general rural economy. With our rural teachers adequately empowered, they will be better equipped with techniques that encourage inclusive learning.

Six teachers, including the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Saim, were engaged in a workshop that refreshed participants with information on Piaget’s Four Stages of Cognitive Development and Its Implications for Pedagogy. Volunteers also engaged the pupils in non-academic subjects such as decision-making, moral development and academic excellence. The role that technology played was that it afforded Rural Heights Foundation an opportunity to share expert videos by professors from reputable International Universities on best approaches to cognitive development and learning at the basic levels of formal education. Similar projects are scheduled to roll out in Gomoa West every month in 2016. Rural Heights Foundation is open for corporate partnerships that would enable rural areas such as Gomoa West in the Central Region receive support in the area of education and teacher empowerment. For volunteering opportunities, sign-up using the pop-up form on our website our volunteering page.

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